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7 Common Causes of Unbearable Stress

In one of our blogs, we told you how to effectively manage stress. One of the practical ways is to determine the stressor. There are many things that cause anxiety and depression. Thus, check out these 7 most common factors that cause too much stress in our lives.


Almost all adults go to work to earn money for a living. Whether they are the boss of the company or a humble employee, they need to work to sustain their needs. However, work can be a major stressor. The pressure from work, assignments, bosses and even the environment of the work can stress an individual. According to a study by American Psychological Association, 70% of Americans are stressed because of their workplace.

Physical Appearance

Do you worry about wrinkles in your face, your fat belly or the loss of your hair? If you do, you are stressed. Some people are concerned very much of their physical appearance. Whenever they think that their physical appearance or some changes of it are not acceptable to the society, they feel stressed. Because of this, some resort to plastic surgeries and alterations to achieve their ideal beauty.


Whatever environment you are in, there is always the pressure to conform. This is very common to students who are pressured by their peers to try new things – smoking, drinking, sex, and drugs. Because they feel anxious about not fitting in, they become stressed to conform. Dreams and aspirations in life can also be a factor. Some people surrounding you are expecting greater things from you, thus, it bothers you to think not to meet their expectations.


When you are not healthy enough, you become stress. The experience of an illness or a disorder contributes to a stress in a person. Health worries can cause stress which would also lead to more serious health damages and negative outlook in life.


This aspect is one of the most common stressors for everybody. Problem with money gives us more problems especially when they come up all at once – apartment rent, energy fee, school tuition and fees, food and more. According to Kanner’s Hassles Scale, the feeling of not being able to pay a bill can strain everyday lives and can haunt you every day. Financial worries can also cause gaps into friends and family relationships.


Few of the sources for our happiness and energy are our family, friends, and partners in life. However, our relationship can be a stressor too. Whenever problems arose between us and our loved ones, there is a different kind of stress that we feel. A misunderstanding with family bothers our minds. It can also cause a certain hurt feeling in our hearts that is unbearable especially that they are very close to our hearts.

Past Events

Some of us experience trauma during the past events of our lives. Most women experience violence at least once in their lives which cause them stress in the present. The memories of the past haunt you in the now which causes stress. Further, events like accidents and loss of loved ones can also cause you unbearable stress.

Have any of these caused stress in your life?

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