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How to Gradually Overcome Depression

One out of 21 people is suffering from depression in their lives now. Depression is a serious mental disorder that we should not take for granted. Worse cases can lead to suicides. Here are 8 simple steps to overcome depression.

Do your passion

Remember to do what you love. By doing your passion, you will be able to gradually forget about the things, the people and the happenings that caused you too much depression. Aim to be better in your passion. Focus on getting new skills, new styles and learning more. Do not allow yourself to have the time to think about the depressing moments of your life. In fact, spend it wisely by doing what you love.

Set goals

Normally, depressed individuals cease to dream. They believe they have no more chance to redeem themselves. Stop sobbing! Set goals for your life. Always remember, as long as you are living, as long as there is tomorrow, no one can stop you to change your fate. Set new goals. Little by little, persevere to achieve those goals. If you are not good enough at one thing, it doesn’t mean you are no good at all.

Face your fears

If you will not face your fears, you will not grow. Do not let fear eat you. Some people do not want to do a particular thing because they failed at it before. Do not think that way! Mistakes are an avenue for you to learn and educate yourself, so in the future, you will ace it perfectly. Further, do not care to think about people pulling you down. Do not be afraid of them. Do what you love and do it because they do not hold your life.

Engage in social activities

Do not be alone. Be with people who engage in social activities for certain causes. If you are alone by yourself, you will have the opportunity to think about how sad your life has been. Be busy and engage in volunteer works. You can also initiate one if you can.

Don’t blame yourself

Never ever blame yourself for any mistake you do or any misfortune that has happened. You have to accept that you cannot change what has been done or what has happened. The right thing to do is to move on and from those mistakes, learn and improve.

Don’t fight your emotions

Let your emotions flow naturally. If you are angry, get angry; if you are sad, cry; if you are happy, laugh at the top of your lungs; and if you feel love, love. Do not dictate your feelings. Do not alter how your emotional go naturally because in the end, you will suffer for not expressing your real emotions.

Eat healthy

We have to be healthy, therefore, we have to eat healthy. Take fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods that are good sources of vitamins and nutrients.


We know that you are tired the whole day doing your passion and engaging into social work, so it is time for you to take a rest. Take 8 to 9 hours of sleep so that your body, especially your mind can recover and be active the next day for another goal-setting adventure.

Do these and gradually, you will survive depression and become mentally healthy.

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