post9 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress

7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress

There are many ways to fight stress. You can eat nutritious foods that are proven and tested to prevent stress. You can also attend to group discussions or seminars that tackle about how to battle stress. But another effective way to fight stress is to engage into body and mind exercises. These are 7 exercises one should do to relieve stress.


31 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Yoga is a combo exercise for your mind, body and soul. It involves a series of moving poses, static postures, and deep breathings. It teaches you how to balance and to discipline. With this, yoga is an excellent stress-reliever. It removes all your anxieties, pressures and tensions towards a healthy outlook in life. It trains your mind to relax and listen to the air and the surrounding nature. There are various kinds of yoga – gentle yoga, power yoga and spiritual yoga, among others.

High-Intensity Activities

32 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
You need to move your body and work your heart. By doing aerobic exercises like running, dancing and skating, there is an acceleration in your heart rate which allows your body to release endorphins that make you feel good without any side effects. High-energy activities are perfect for both your mind and body. However, you have to make sure that you are healthy enough to perform high-intensity cardiovascular workouts.


33 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Biking is an example of high-intensity activity. But this has a distinct effect in our brain compared to other cardiovascular workouts. In biking, you can decide your pace or how much energy you would want to exert. Further, biking exercises you heart. It also gives you the opportunity to feel a dose of fresh air and look at the scenic view of trees and mountains. With this, it can help you lighten your mood and prevent stress.


34 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Pilates are perfect if you are aiming to tone your body. It utilizes various equipment and mat for the workout, but mostly your body doing controlled movements. It increases strength, flexibility and endurance. Further, Pilates sharpens your focus on your breathing, body and how they move together. It sharpens your concentration, thus it reduces a stressed and cluttered mind.

Martial Arts

35 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Martial Arts ranges from KravMaga, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and many more. It is a physical exercise that allows you to release energy, frustration and tension. You will also develop self-defense techniques and discipline. Apart from that, it teaches your mind to focus on the movements. It trains your mind to think swiftly to respond to the stimuli in the body’s surroundings.


36 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Kickboxing regularly can help you improve your flexibility, coordination and balance. Apart from a physical activity, it is also a mental workout that can alleviate stress effectively. It can be an outlet for you to release energy and relieve stress. Same with high-intensity workouts, it helps your body produce hormones essential to make you feel relaxed.


37 - 7 Exercises to Effectively Relieve Stress
Basketball, soccer, volleyball or football – sports are perfect to improve all aspects of your life. It can work your heart, body, mind and soul. It is good for those who want to lose weight and develop balance, endurance, flexibility, coordination and strength. But on top of that, it exercises your brain to think of strategies and techniques. There is also a certain joy felt when playing with your teammates and friends.

What among these exercises is your most favorite?