post10 - Fight Stress with these 15 Foods

Fight Stress with these 15 Foods

If you are in the stage of battling stress in your life, you need to check out these 15 foods that can help you fight stress and become healthy.


These slender stalks are rich in folate which is essential for keeping you calm. Add this to your daily diet to prevent stress. You can broil them until crisp or steam and add to salad.

Nuts and Seeds

They are rich in fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids which can help lower blood pressure. According to a study, nuts and seeds can help you tone down your anxieties. They also have Omega-3 fatty acids essential to reduce depression.

Green Tea

Tea lovers can attest to how effective teas in preventing stress. They have caffeine to calm you down and L-theanine to make you feel cool under pressure.


Avocados have lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E and folate to keep you calm. But for those who are on a weight loss diet, consider eating them in a small amount as they are rich in fats.


Berries have various antioxidants which flushed away all the toxins in your body. They are also rich in vitamin C which is essential in combating stress. By eating berries, you can have positive health and sharper thinking capacity.


Garlic is a powerhouse of essential antioxidants. These chemicals neutralize free radicals that damage our cells, cause disease and encourage aging. According to a study, it has allicin which can prevent cancer, heart diseases and even flu.


Rich in fiber and complex carbohydrate, oatmeal causes your brain to produce serotonin which makes you feel cool and relaxed. It also has antioxidants that create a soothing feeling despite the stress. It is recommended to make oatmeal a breakfast-meal habit.


Very known as a vitamin C powerhouse, oranges provide you adequate energy to do your daily activities. Vitamin C is also needed for collagen production which will help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on your face.

Sweet Potatoes

Jam-packed with fiber, sweet potatoes can provide you with all the energy you need for the day. They also have carotenoids and other nutrients which can help you feel optimistic.


Alcohol, when not taken too much, is good for the health. It is a proven central nervous system depressant. By taking wine, it can help you lower your blood pressure and feel relaxed. One glass of wine a day is perfect.


Salmons are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can help counteract the negative effects of stress. This is also perfect for persons suffering from heart diseases.

Leafy vegetables

A perfect example is Popeye’s favorite, the Spinach. Generally, leafy vegetables contain folate which can help the production of dopamine, the hormone that helps you feel calm. It can lower your risk for depression. Leafy vegetables are also recommended for people who are following a diet program.


According to a study, consuming yogurt can reduce the brain activity in areas that handle various emotions including stress. Yogurt is also rich in calcium and protein essential for the bones and muscles.


Milk is an excellent source of vitamin D which boosts happiness. Milk also reduces the risks of heart problems and bone and muscle diseases.

Dark Chocolates

Apart from the fact that it creates the feeling of being in love, dark chocolates are rich in natural substances that reduce your stress hormones, including cortisol. It can also lower blood pressure, improve circulation and relax your muscles.

What are your favorite stress-busting foods?

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