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5 Brilliant Movies Based on Mental Disorders

Watching movies provide you a certain feeling depending on the genre of film you are watching. Horror makes you scared, drama makes you cry and comedy make you laugh, among others.

There are also movies that challenge your thinking skills, especially that they are based or themed on mental illnesses. Check these 5 movies based on mental disorders.

What About Bob? (1991)

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Anxiety Disorder – What About Bob? is a comedy film that talks about the hostile relationship between psychotherapist Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus) and his patient Bob Wiley. Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) extremely seeks attention and guidance because of his high levels of anxiety. When Dr. Marvin leaves for a family vacation, Bob decides to track him down. Dr. Leo gets annoyed by Bob because he does not want to take patients during vacations. Further, Bob befriends the family of Dr. Leo which leaves him no choice but to take care of Bob. This is a humorous depiction of how a patient finds his best mental healthcare provider.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

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Schizophrenia – A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 biographical drama that follows the life of mathematician John Nash (Russel Crow) who is suffering from mental illness. The film captures the challenges of Nash as having delusions and paranoia that change his promising career and life. It focuses on how a Schizophrenic feels and reacts to the sufferings in life. Because schizophrenia has no cure, John Nash continues battling the mental disorder.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

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Bipolar Disorder – Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) suffers from bipolar disorder which caused him to lose his job and his wife. He has been put to mental health hospital to recover, however, he is forced to move back with his parents. In the process of recovering, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who offered him help in exchange for becoming her ballroom partner for an upcoming competition. Tiffany also suffers from grief, and on their course of recovery, they discovered love. This story is very entertaining and inspiring.

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

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Depression – This American comedy-drama film revolves around Milo (Bill Hader) and Maggie (Kristen Wiig). Milo attempts to commit suicide, however, becomes unsuccessful. Milo was brought to the hospital in which Maggie was called to guard her brother. It was 10 years since the last time they were together, so they have series of arguments and fights. Gradually, they understand each other and accepts their differences. This humorous depiction values the idea of a family plus the feeling of taking care of each other even if you are both suffering mental problems.

Inside Out (2015)

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Mental Health – This 3D animation film by Pixar and Walt Disney revolves around five personified emotions – joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. They represent onto how a young girl Riley Andersen makes decisions and how these personified emotions affect her. It also depicts how too much of an emotion affects the personality of a person. Together, they battle around series of adventure with the objective that Riley must not lose all her good memories. In the end, the five succeeded. Inside Out is generally a clever movie one should not miss.

How many of these films have you watched already?