Simple Hiking Shoes vs Water Shoes Comparison

Hiking shoes are very different from water shoes. However, some people might use water shoes for hiking thanks to their light weight, their comfort, and their low prices. This should not be the case as water shoes do not offer you the protection you need when you are hiking.

If you are hiking in a forest and in mountainous hills, you will need shoes that can protect your heels, your soles and keep your feet well supported. To this end, water shoes should not be used during hiking, and neither should hiking shoes be used in water.

keep your feet well supported

Qualities of Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes can never replace water shoes since they are not designed to take water and dry fast. The choice of water shoes is also influenced by the season and environment within which you will be hiking.

If you are hiking in summer, you need light and highly breathable shoes to ensure you get enough ventilation to prevent sweating. These shoes need to offer enough support to your feet and fit snug.

If hiking in winter, the key quality is warmth. Here, waterproofed boots are necessary to ensure that you remain dry and warm at all times. These boots need to be a little breathable to ensure that they do not form mildew after a period of use.

Irrespective of the season and the terrain, you need shoes that have good traction to ensure you do not slip. Many of these qualities don’t apply to water shoes.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are simple all-rubber shoes that are designed to keep your feet safe from objects that might be lying under the water. These shoes are very light and might not survive hiking.

If you are hiking in rocky places, you might still feel the rocks under some water shoes. Worse, sharp pieces of rock might easily tear through them.

When used on water, however, these shoes will last for years and will keep your feet safe. Water shoes, just like their name suggests do not absorb water. After staying in the water, you will only need to wipe them dry before storing.

Buy Specific Shoe

Even if you do not get the difference between hiking shoes vs water shoes, you need to buy specific shoes for the two activities. If you are into hiking, buy hiking shoes to ensure that your hiking needs are taken care of. If you are into water games in summer, choose water shoes to feel comfortable.

Having the wrong shoe for either of the activities can cost you money. Hiking shoes will get spoiled when you use them in water and water shoes cannot survive the hiking environment. To be on the safe side, do not interchange these shoes.

keep your feet safe from objects

Shopping Right

For both these shoes, comfort is important, and this can be ensured by choosing a good fit and a comfortable material. Again, ensure that you shop within your means without compromising on the quality of the shoes.

Open to learn more on these two types of shoes. Finally, use the each type of shoe as it was intended.