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As a mental health site, we only trust some of the best sources for our contents. Here are some of the websites you can also visit to address your health concerns:


Healthline is a friendly website for all your health concerns. They provide can answer your health inquiries from A to Z. In their website, you can search a particular illness or disorder to see about the topic, its symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. They also have a pill identifier which helps you verify or know more about the drug that you are using. Plus, they can help you find a doctor who can assist you virtually.
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Everyday Health

Everyday Health is an all-around site that also helps you know about certain illnesses and disorders. They also present symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures. Apart from the symptom checker and drug finder systems, they also have a calorie counter and meal planner if you are following a diet program. You can sign up into their website to have a personal profile and receive free newsletters.
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Alz.org specializes in the mental health disorder Alzheimer’s. They are a voluntary health organization that provides research, care, and support to people suffering from Alzheimer’s. They have been run by Alzheimer’s Association which has been recognized as a top large non-profit organization.
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World Health Organization

If you want to know the data regarding a specific illness all around the world, the site of the World Health Organization can provide you that. They are the concerned with health services all around the world. They respond to outbreaks and emergencies.
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